World of Warcraft Secrets: Ghosts in the Dark

You might have heard of this or even been there, especially if you’re Alliance cause it’s in Darkshore.


I did not find this place by myself, but I think I could have. Cause few days after Cataclysm release I was flying around the world exploring, I jumped into a similar maelstrom in Stranglethorn and I died, so I learned not to jump into them.


But this you actually should jump into and you won’t die. Instead it will take you down to a hidden cave beneath the water somewhere, it’s called Bashal’Aran Collapse. There is a friendly night elf there who says she wasn’t expecting anyone down there and is wondering if I’m there to keep her company or just looking for a way out.


It looks like the support and original entrance to the place collapsed. There is a night elf ghost called Telarius Voidstrider. For Alliance he will drop the quest item Writings of the Dark Herald which contains secrets on the path to becoming a Demon Hunter. This quest will give you the achievement Ghosts in the Dark.
You can also read about this place and others here where Ironyca has written a post about different secrets in Cataclysm.

Have you visited this place yet?

9 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Secrets: Ghosts in the Dark

      1. Ye, me too. These secrets and hidden places are what I love about this game, not the only thing, but I still hope they add more like this :)

    1. I fell in. Was grabbing a herb from the side, chatting away in guildchat and somehow managed to take a step backwards.

      What made it worse was then, I deliberately jumped into the STV one to see if there was anything interesting down there.

      1. Woah, must have been exciting to fall in and just “What’s happening!?” :D I hope there will be, maybe are(?) some more secrets like this.

  1. I’d heard of that place before, and flown over it with Kamalia while doing Archaeology a time or two. One of these days I’ll actually explore it for real with my lil NE Mage :)

    I like your new site design. It’s very sleek, classy, and easy to read. :D

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