I love my guild

I love being in a Scandinavian guild because everyone live close, in either Sweden, Norway or Denmark, so we arrange guild parties 2-3 times a year.

There is always a lot of people when we’re in Stockholm as it’s the capital of Sweden and many live there and it’s easy to get there. Our last guild party which was in the start of September was in Stockholm. I’m not sure how many we were but around 16-20, most of them were people still raiding but some people who have stopped raiding or even stopped playing still come to the guild parties.

Our guild parties are always kinda crazy as people have so much energy and we usually just get drunk and talk and do all kinds of weird stuff somewhere. But they’re never boring! I’ve been to 4 and never disappointed.

I know how some, at least the ones not playing, say like they are just some random people you play a game with. No, they’re not, maybe this sounds sad but they are some of my best friends. I like them all and we have so much fun together in-game and in real life at the guild parties. I know that if some of them lived closer I would meet them more often than 3 times a year.

This guild party lasted longer than the previous ones, cause we were a few who were in Stockholm from Thursday to Monday cause it was so much cheaper to travel then than Friday to Sunday. Thursday and Sunday are raid days so we had to raid at Inferno Online and we stayed at our GM’s place, he is the best, thanks again <3 So we had a few more days than the others, which was good. But Friday was the crazy day when everyone else arrived and we went out and ate and drank and whatever we did, I’m not sure if I remember everything, but it was great. Saturday was pretty good as well, cheap beer and good food. Sunday everyone else went home except for us who were going home Monday.

I wish we had a group shot of everyone, but we just took a lot of random drunk shots which I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share here :)



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