Day 19 – In my bags/bank

I just had a clean up in my bank. It was so full with all kinds of random stuff like old enchanting mats, seasonal event items and gear I’m never going to use or ever look at again. So I deleted, threw away or mailed to my bank alt all the stuff I don’t need in my bank. Of course I kept all the good-looking sets, not that I have that many of them. I have been thinking about farming some of the old tiers and sets, on some sets I only miss a few items to complete them. So I’ve tried to arrange my sets in the bank by level and tier.

In my bags I usually carry with me my PvP gear and all the random fun items in case I get bored. But also feasts, pots, flasks, water and food. Sometimes I use an inscription bag also if I have glyphs for sale. I try to always have enough bag space just incase it’s needed, like in our raids if people want enchants I need space for the mats and when I disenchant loot none wants.


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