Summer and progress

It’s September soon and summer is over for this year, soon the leaves will fall of the trees and it will become much colder, the rain is already here. I wish we had longer summers here in Norway.

Most people say summers are what destroys guilds, but not for us in Ash. Our summer was great, most people had more time to play. It’s now when the summer is over people quit or stop raiding cause of work or studies. So we had to open recruitment for both healers and ranged dps and hopefully we’ll find some good players soon.

But summer went well for us, we cleared Firelands normal and started doing heroic modes. Shannox went down after a few days of tries, we just had to find the tactic that suited us the best and now we can easily one shot him every week, if none ninja pulls, that is..

We spent more time on Lord Rhyolith heroic which people said were easy, but it felt like it was a lot of RNG in that fight like the volcano spawns. We also had some trouble with turning the boss. But we actually got him pretty far down the first tries but then the problem was his armor and superheated. We were so close like 1 million HP several times, but too low dps cause people had died in the phase change. Too many people died early like all the good tries.

But then last week we had a super good try were he was so close to dying, it was so annoying, again we wiped cause of dead dpsers and messed up cooldowns. So we went again, perfect on adds, volcanos, spark etc, phase, perfect cooldowns and he died!! Everyone still alive as he hits the ground! Amazing! We almost never have clean kills like that. Sadly none frapsed it, but it was so good to finally kill him and cleanest kill I’ve seen in a long time!

That kill was exactly what we needed, cause it feels so good! Now we’re ready for the next heroic boss which will be Alysrazor I think, and guild party next week! Awesome!

And by the way.. 4 set rocks! <3


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