Day 17 – My favorite spot in game

Hmm.. My favorite spot, like place or zone, or area? I have many favorite zones but I do not like all places in that zone, so favorite spot should be a specific spot in a zone, right? Or well, that’s how I read it.

My favorite spot used to be in Quel’thalas north for the Plaguelands. I used to go there when I was bored or wanted to be alone and just think, usually late at night or early morning. Sometimes I brought some friends with me to show them the area, some of them had never been there.  It was beautiful to sit there alone and watch the moon or sun. I never met anyone else there so it was like I was the only one who knew about the place, like my own zone.

I really miss that place.

I wrote a whole blog post about it and how to get there once, you can read it here.


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