Day 16 – Things I miss

With Cataclysm came many changes to the world and what I think I miss the most is the old world, how it was before they redid the whole thing for flying.

I miss all my old favorite places to explore and go on adventures. Like Quel’thalas, tauren farm and the white unknown somewhere between Silithus and Tanaris. All those places are gone now. And the places which still are in the game now are too easy to get to so there is no challenge or nothing to talk about cause everyone has been there and can get there now.

There are some new places to explore now, but not nearly as many or as fun as it was before Cataclysm. But maybe I will find some new or old places I’ve missed or maybe they will add some more secrets and hidden places.


2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Things I miss

  1. I’ve only been playing since ICC in WotLK, but I think they need to take flying out of Kalimdor and EK. I think it took something out of the game. For one thing, flight paths are useless. You also mentioned the exploration/adventure aspect….I don’t expect to have any resistance at level 85, but I still feel more adventurous when I can’t fly straight to my quest object instead of fighting through mobs.

  2. I miss Quel’Thalas too. I foolishly made that particular spot an important part of my character’s history and RP and now it’s gone! It did give me a good chance to write about her being affected by the shattering in a very personal way though.

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