Day 14 – This upsets me

You know when you finally win Tol Barad and find a group to Baradin Hold,
it usually takes a while to fill the group, and when it’s full and they start
summoning, then a player is afk, and you have to find a new one. Has happened to me so many times. So annoying! And when it happens in other raids it’s even more annoying.
Same with players who afk after a wipe without saying a word, but you guess it’s cause of the wipe, and they just can’t be arsed or don’t have the balls to say they don’t wanna continue and just leave, so you have to kick them and then find a replacement.
Rude people
I’m sure we’ve all seen it, heard it.. It usually happens in battlegrounds or random dungeons. There are many bad players around and they do mistakes all the time, of course you get upset but there is still no reason to call them names or tell them they suck, it won’t do any good, it won’t help them do better. And if someone calls you something and you say the same back you’re not much better yourself. It’s just so unnecessary.
Exploiters and bots
Normal players work their ass off to get enough honor, gold, or whatever for this and that and then there are exploiters and bots who can’t be arsed to do like everyone else. Good it works to report them and they get banned for it.


2 thoughts on “Day 14 – This upsets me

  1. Then another guy goes afk while you’re replacing the first guy that went afk. It’s a never ending cycle. :)

  2. I remember many a day of I and others telling the people arguing in chat, ‘Less QQ, more pewpew.”

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