Syrco Owl 1 year!

Today it’s 1 year since I started this blog and made my first post here.

I had gotten into the Cataclysm alpha and had been testing for a while, and as it went into beta stage I had so many screenshots and videos I wanted to share and I wanted to write about Cataclysm. That’s why I started this blog.

My first post was this, just a bunch of screenshots from Cataclysm, and they weren’t that good or many actually, my best Cataclysm screenshots are here.

The first month, July 2010, I had 843 views. It went up a bit every month before I in October got almost 20.000 views and in December over 24.000. And this year I’ve had 132,158 views.

I had no idea it would go that well as I’m new to blogging and there are so many much better bloggers out there, and I always try to just write about what I enjoy and find interesting and it’s mostly random stuff like what I do in-game not anything very smart or super interesting. But I’m happy some people actually visits, I’m almost jumping up and down in joy every time I get a comment or get high viewing numbers. Like this week WoW Insider linked to my Whispering Forest post, first time that has happened so it made me really happy.

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