Day 12 – A usual day

A usual day in my life is way too usual and boring to tell you about but I’m not sure it’s that more interesting in WoW either.

I usually just log on to see who’s online and chat with my guildies, so most of my online time I spend chatting with them. And while doing that I usually make glyphs and sell at the auction house. If I’m bored of that I go do my Hyjal dailies, I try to do them every day but sometimes I forget.

I like to do PvP also so I might do a few battlegrounds, maybe with some guildies, more fun then.

We raid three days a week so on raid days I try to do my dailies before raid so I don’t have to do them after, but I tend to forget it or be too busy chatting.

That’s about it I think..

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