Long time no blogging

It’s summer so it has to be ok with a small break, or what? Just because I haven’t blogged doesn’t mean I haven’t played WoW. I’ve actually just been too busy with WoW and real life stuff. But I’ll give a small update on what’s been going on in WoW.

Before the Firelands patch there wasn’t much left to do than wait, or of course we tried to clear the rest of the content on heroic, but we didn’t get down any of the final bosses on heroic.

But the Firelands patch has been out now for two weeks and we’ve already got 6/7 bosses on 25 man normal which I think it pretty good for a casual 3 day raiding team. We’re now working on Ragnaros, so he’ll be going down this week I hope and we’ll be ready for heroic next week.

My favorite boss is Alysrazor cause I get to fly and it’s pretty awesome, and funny as moonkin. My least favorite boss is Majordomo cause that fight is so long and too easy to cause a wipe if one player does a mistake.

I’ve also been busy with the new daily quests and some achievements. I like the new daily quests in Hyjal and loved the questline about Thrall.

Also been doing some battlegrounds and been trying to get together a good rated battleground group with my guild, but not that easy when people give up after a few losses… Might try again, cause I really wanna do rated battlegrounds.

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