Winged Guardian

The Winged Guardian is a titan creation designed to protect Azeroth’s most ancient secrets.

I’ve always loved mounts and pets and wish I had them all, I try to collect and get whatever I is avaliable but as I’ve changed character a couple of time I don’t have an impressive collection as some of my guildies.

This new flying lion arrived in the Blizzard Store yesterday and one of my guildies was the first to buy it. I like the mounts which are both ground and flying mounts cause then you don’t have to dismount all the time and you only need one button for your mount. I used the Kor’kron Annihilator scorpion mount before and I still use it, cause I think it looks awesome. But I didn’t really have any new good looking flying mount as I dislike the Cataclysm drakes I used my Flight Form which is a weird looking bat. But now I got this flying lion which I think looks really good, the details and effects, and the animation. I guess this is the closest Horde players will get to a lion mount.

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