Project warrior

There isn’t much to do online on my main these days. Besides raiding three times each week I don’t do much. Maybe some battlegrounds or Wintergrasp for the veteran achievement, or a Tol Barad and Baradin Hold. I don’t do daily heroics anymore, not on my main and I’m tired of quests and I’m not in need of more gold.

I’ve been wanting to gear up my warrior for a long time now. It was my main in TBC and part of WotLK, but then it became and alt, my 3rd alt. But I leveled it up to 85 like a month ago. It has always been fury main spec cause I really enjoy fury so that’s still my main spec. I don’t have much experience as protection but I’d like to try it so I’ve gathered some tank gear from heroics.

But at the moment I’m more interested in getting good PvP gear. My plan when I started WoW and this warrior back in TBC was to PvP in battlegrounds and arena, but I changed my mind and focus went on PvE. So the last time I did some serious PvP with it was in TBC which is a long time ago. When there was no Bladestorm and mace stun was the shit. I don’t think I was very good, my gear was ok, but poor skills.

I miss it. Especially after watching one of my friends and guildies on his warrior. He’s fury in raids but he’s also very good in PvP. So now my goal is to become as good as him, but I doubt it’ll happen. I’ve already got the blue PvP set and some offset items, not that hard to farm random battlegrounds for honor and play in the bg weekends. I haven’t been lucky with any drops in Baradin Hold and haven’t got enough conquest points for weapons yet, but I’ll be working on getting my weekly cap from next week on.

I didn’t have much experience as arms warrior as almost everything has changed since TBC, but it’s easy to learn and gear helps a lot. Resilience to survive and other stats for damage. I’ve been really satisfied with the last battlegrounds I’ve done. Good damage, not too many deaths and top 3 of killing blows and still playing the battleground and winning. I’m also starting to get good at when to use my trinket and charge or heroic leap out or to a different target to survive or flee, and I’m always looking for healers or casters to annoy by interrupting, Throwdown, fear or War Stomp. Yes I love being a tauren.

What I’m not as good at is duels. I think I’m afraid of losing or being bad and people seeing it, cause there are always people watching those who duel outside Orgrimmar. It’s the same in arena, I don’t wanna do mistakes and die cause then we loose and it’s embarrassing. But I guess the more I play and practise the better I become.


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