Music of Cataclysm

I think it’s about time to write another post about music, cause I love the in-game music so much and I know most people don’t listen to it at all, which is sad cause it’s really good. It’s like watching a movie without soundtrack. Or for me it is, the music is so important. I’ve told you about it before, how I sometimes just turn everything up on high and just listen, or fly around in different zones or instances and raids. I wish I could get people’s eyes, or ears, more up for the music in WoW.

We’re still early in the Cataclysm expansion, but there is already so much good music, and there is much more to come in the future patches I’m sure. So I’ve tried to pick my favorites, but it’s not that easy to pick just a few. So here is seven, I think.. Random order. And excuse my poor skills to describe music, I just say words which pop into my head.

Twilight’s Hammer (Eventide)
This is played in Blackwing Descent and in some zones where the Twilight’s Hammer are. Love this song. How it builds up from whispering. Then stronger vocals and the sound of the steel hammering. Wonder what the lyrics are, and if the lyrics mean something or if they are just for the sound of it.

This is played in Mount Hyjal, among other songs, sometimes just parts of it. This has to be the best song of Cataclysm. The vocal and music is just perfect! When I listen to it I imagine a night elf in the forest, singing, but when the tempo rises she starts running like the night elf in the WoW trailer. And we follow as she runs through the forest and when it slows down again you see her jump down a waterfall which runs out in a small river near the village where she’s from, a beautiful village where all the other night elves live.

This is one of the goblin songs played in goblin cities and zones. This music fits the goblin areas perfectly, fun and playful, and very unique. My favorite part is from 3:38,  which appears in the main title The Shattering and the trailer where we first meet the goblins.

Orgrimmar (Reforged)
One of the songs played in Orgrimmar. I loved the old music, but I love this one more. With the intro. War music, drums, strong, very Horde.
The zone music in Vashj’ir. Beautiful, mysterious, watery, fits perfectly.
This music is special to me as it was the first Cataclysm music I heard cause I was questing in that zone on the beta when they first implented.

Call of the Elements
This reminds me of the tauren house which was south of Silithus before Cataclysm, a version of this music was there and I always wanted to know which song it was, cause I don’t think it appeared anywhere else before Cataclysm. But that house had been there for a long time, maybe since vanilla, was the music that old too? But when I listen to this song I think of where I sat in that little tauren house in the middle of the night, with a fireplace, warming your hands on it, dark outside, the fire is the only light.Warm and cozy. I made a post and a video with in-game sound on of that place, so you can hear what the music there was like and how it reminds me of this new song. Here is the post and the video on YouTube.

Skywall 2
This is the music playing while fighting the bosses in Throne of the Four Winds, Conclave of the Four Winds and Al’Akir, so I always turn up the music volume when we’re there. Love the part from 2:21. There is more Skywall music, the part which plays in The Vortex Pinnacle which is more heavenly, slower tempo, you can find it here.
So those were some of my favorite songs of Cataclysm, until next content patch.. But I also have to mention Curse of the Worgen, Tanaris, Pirates Surrender, Elemental (Deepholm) and Cold Mountain.
You can buy the music here.

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