Guild problems

The last weeks we’ve had some problems in the guild. It’s weird cause we had one of the best raids ever weeks before that where we cleared all farm content in a few hours, only bosses left were the new ones we’re trying to get on heroic.

But now we can’t seem to get enough people for a raid. We are a 25 man guild with three raid days and around 30 raiders (some tryouts). We should have enough people for a good raid. But the problem is the attendance. Some people have work or always sign off late and too often, but some people don’t sign off at all, they just don’t show up, and no message. Shouldn’t be that hard to just write a short message on the forum. And write down who’s not showing up, and telling them but it doesn’t seem to help.

Well, I’m not an officer but I still try to help with all this cause I don’t think our officers do enough. But wish they did, cause it can’t continue like this.

I hate when I rush home for raid, and we’re not enough for a raid, it’s a waste of time. It’s only three raid days, how can it be so hard to just have those three evenings free.

Sometimes we do 10 man instead and they’ve talked about going two 10 mans, but I don’t want that cause I know then it’ll be like it has been before in other guilds. Group 1 is the best group with all the officers and best players, the best setup and the best motivated people, who can raid anytime. And group 2 is the rest, and I know they’ll put me in group 2.

If it was my guild I wouldn’t accept that people don’t sign off and low attendance won’t get raider rank, I would demote and kick people who are no use for us or people who fail over and over again, I wouldn’t keep them and lie to them just because they are our friends. Maybe we’re a friends guild but why does that have to mean we can accept bad players and wipe for hours every raid day with no progress, or maybe not raid at all cause people don’t show up.

How can we fix these problems?


4 thoughts on “Guild problems

  1. If you’re not an officer and the officers won’t listen to you, there won’t be much you can do. The guild is what they are willing to make it, and that may be suffering from unreliable raiders.

    But if they *will* listen, let them know they need to enforce rules, enforce attendance, enforce notifications when a person has to be last, and that the way things are going has an effect on morale.

    My guild has an absentee thread on our forums where people are required to post any anticipated absences, even if it’s just a maybe. The first time someone forgets, they get reminded by me (and people tend to listen when it’s the guild leader telling them with her “you should know better” face on), and we haven’t had people forget a second time.

    1. They listen, but they don’t do much. Feels like they accept how some people are or don’t dare to confront them with it.
      People usually post on the forum if they can’t attend a raid, but looks like they don’t care about it anymore. I try to write down who’s missing each raid and give the names to the officers so they can ask where they were and tell them to post on the forum, but I don’t think they do it :/

  2. This is a tough one and one of the main reasons I don’t raid 25 mans anymore. I’m sure the officers know about the isssues you have discussed above, as other members of your guild, maybe you included, have sent whispers or ingame mail to them already. Now I co-run a 10 man team with my Husband and if we have to pug one person we get 5-6 people complaining about it during and after the raid….regardless how well the PuG did or not (BTW we are 7th on our server, so we are not noobs), so I can well imagine the feedback/complaints your officers get from 25+ players. Try to be patient and keep being awesome. If you feel close to an Officer perhaps inquire what their plans are to deal with the less than enthusiastic players who don’t show up without notice. They may surprise you.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks :) I don’t have anything against 10 man, it’s just not good to convert a 25 man guild into a 10 man cause some people will be left outside or put in the other group. I could easily have joined a 10 man guild now, but I have so many friends in the guild who I care about and enjoy playing with. I just hope we get some more recruits so maybe we can replace some of our slackers and get a strong 25 man setup again.

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