Weird gaming habits

This week’s shared topic on Blog Azeroth comes from  Akabeko of red cow rise who asks

Most everyone has a routine for when they play WoW, but do you have any habits that are particularly eccentric? Do you always log out in the same place, try on other’s gear when inspecting, or obsessively spam a macro or trinket at weird times? Out of game, do you have to crack your knuckles every time you take a flight path, put on your PJs in order to really get into the game, or tab out immediately upon wiping?

It took a while before anything came to mind, but I found out I’ve many weird habits! Both in-game and outside the game while playing.

I often log on without any plan, and then I just check what friends and guildies are doing, but if they’re not doing anything special and I’ve none to talk to I start to fly around just to do something, or go into moonkin form and maybe use a Noggenfogger or something to get small and my moonkin hatchling out, and then run around like a headless chicken, often with my camera zoomed full in and look at all the people. I run or fly around with the camera like that looking for interesting things to take screenshots of, I have so many screenshots, wish I could post them all here.

I am very impatient in raids, and before pulls when the tanks are slow I target the mob/boss and strafe left right left right till they pull, or take small steps closer and closer, or detonate my wild mushrooms at people. Back when I was a tauren I used to /moo at people all the time.

I don’t know if this is called a habit or what it is, but if I ever meet an Alliance moonkin I have to /wave at him/her, I don’t attack, only if he/she attacks first, or not in BGs, but in the world.

Wherever I am in the world, when I’m doing something, like flying or running, I tend to open my map too much, like all the time, not to look for something, but.. I don’t know, I just do it.

When I play WoW I always sit on one of my legs, or I think I sit like that whenever I sit in a chair.. But when we wipe I always swap leg.

I always keep my headset on my head, not always on my ears, or maybe on one ear if I’m listening to something else like the TV or a movie on another computer, while playing.


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