Day 06 – My desk

My desk isn’t exactly very interesting. It’s a glass desk, you can press a button and it goes up and down, very large but I only use half of it. I don’t like to have all kinds of stuff lying around so I try to keep it clean like this.

As my desk itself is boring, I’ll tell you a bit about what’s on the desk :D

My keyboard is a Logitech MX5500, mouse is Razer Naga which I love cause of all the buttons on the side, I almost all of them. The headset is a Steelseries Siberia I bought some years ago.

And most important my Nostromo, everyone should get one! I can’t imagine playing without it. So much easier than using a keyboard cause you can keybind everything and you can reach it all with one hand. Like 14×4 buttons you can keybind to anything, make spam macros etc. I use them for my 4 action bars. If you don’t use a Nostromo already, I would recommend you to check out a review on YouTube and maybe get one, they aren’t expensive, and you won’t regret it.


3 thoughts on “Day 06 – My desk

  1. Looks nice =) Not too different from mine. So you recommend the naga mouse? Mine is kinda loud when I click, and sometimes (if I am on skype at the same time, which happens), it can be annoying. How is the naga?

    1. Yes, I love the Naga, but it is kinda loud, not that I really care cause I don’t click that much or very hard =P

      The buttons on the side might take a while to get used to, but it’s not like you have to use them all,
      and you get some small stickerthingies in the package which you can put on the buttons so it’s easier to feel them and get used to them.
      I didn’t use them, but think that’s what they’re for :P I don’t think my hands are either very small or big, just long fingers, but it fits good.

      I use the buttons on the side in the num pad mode. 1 and 3 is macros Innervate self and Innervate target, 2 is auto walk, 10 is ground mount, 12 is flying mount, and 5 and 8 are tab and target. Scroll wheel is zoom. So all that in one hand, and everything else in the other hand with the Nostromo =D

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