Day 05 – My favourite items in game

This reminds me of a Blog of Azeroth Shared Topic we had last year about mementos, you can find my post here. Most of those mementos were old items I just don’t wanna throw away ever, but I’ve got some new favorite items, on my main, items I use a lot cause I love them.

Moonkin Hatchling

This is the cutest pet ever! And as I’m  a moonkin I have to have it out at all times, almost. I love when it dances and plants a flower, and it can fly!

Swift Zulian Tiger

I was lucky enough to get this, I got it before they announced they’d remove Zul’Gurub and I’ve always wanted this mount.

Sylvanas’ Music Box

This is one of the items you get by doing all the quests for Shadowmourne in Icecrown Citadel. I bought it from a friend for 20.000g, he needed the gold and I really wanted the music box, so it was a fair deal. Then I’d been wanting it for months already but it was too expensive before that and all guildies sold their items or kept them for themselves. I hate that it has 1 hour cooldown, cause I love the song it plays “Lament of the Highborne” one of the best songs ever.


4 thoughts on “Day 05 – My favourite items in game

  1. I do like the hatchling as well (I am also a moonkin) but Eggbert is my favourite pet (love that he charges arround).

    My favourite item must be the Zulien Tiger too. Epics come and go but I will always have the tiger with its unique and striking looks and smooth ride.

    Ah the joy of seeing it drop and then winning the roll (even though its just pixels on the screen)

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