Day 03 – My first day playing WoW

Am I the only one who’s having a hard time remembering my first day? I’m not sure I remember much.. Let me think…

I had a few friends who played WoW and spent a lot of time with it, and I watched them play a few times, didn’t understand much of it and thought it looked complicated. But one day, October 18. 2007 I decided I’d go buy it and try it out, so I went to the store and bought the classic WoW and a game card and went home to my cousin where I lived back then.

I installed the game and spoke to my friends on Skype or was it MSN.. They told me which realm and faction they played and I had to choose a race and class. I chose a male tauren cause they looked strong and dangerous but at the same time cute, and my friends told me warrior was an easy class for a beginner, so Syrcorax the male tauren warrior was born. One of my friends created a character to level with me.

As we quested through Mulgore I learned how to use my different abilities and kill mobs, complete quest etc. But none was with me like beside me to point at my screen and really show me how to play. My friends told me to use the WASD keys to move and click my spells, so I did. It was first much later I learned I could move with the mouse, move my spells and choose my own keybindings.

But I had much fun, I had never seen a game world as huge as Kalimdor and that was only one part of Azeroth which I didn’t know yet. I remember I wanted to do all the quests I saw, speak to all the NPCs and explore all the zones on the map.

Here are three screenshots from the first days.


2 thoughts on “Day 03 – My first day playing WoW

  1. I think the only reason I remember so well is because my brother had harrassed me about starting to play for months at that point. So I finally gave in and logged onto his account and created a character. Played for 15 minutes and then decided that I had to get the game for myself :)

    I don’t actually remember my very first day playing “for real” on my own account though. Just that I picked an Undead Priest and loved the eerie feeling in their starting zone – and later on absolutely loved Silverpine Forest :)

    1. Yeah, I read your post :) This I wrote is what I think I remember, or the parts I remember from the first days. I had never tried it before I bought it, only seen some friends play but they were much higher level and kept talking in the WoW language I back then didn’t understand :P

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