The top 5 April Fools 2011

So yesterday was April 1st which is also called April Fool’s Day. I fell asleep very early cause I was so tired so that’s why I’m posting this today.

The top 5 WoW April Fools

1. Crabby – Blizzard

Crabby the dungeon helper was a great joke cause he popped up wherever I went on the official forums and Armory which I visit a lot every day. And he kept talking about weird stuff and linking YouTube videos. I will miss him if he goes away. Here are some Crabby quotes.

2. New Instance “Tomb of Immortal Darkness” – Blizzard

Wow, I really want this instance! Or well most of all I want the tomb under Karazhan to become an instance, but this would also be great! Just noooot sure if the name of the boss is that good… Omgsogoth – Dark Lord of Twilight.

3. Fake patch notes – Blizzard

Hahaha, if you’re having a bad day this will cheer you up!

Invisible walls have been added around all harmful ground effects.
All dungeon & raid bosses now have legs. If they already had legs, they got more legs.
Druid forms are now considered vehicles, allowing one player to ride on the druid’s back while in any form, even their humanoid form.
Death knights can now increase their damage by yelling KIAI into their microphone. Damage is increased by 10% for every 10dB.

4. Delicia Fay and armor dyes – Wowhead

People did actually believe this. They’ve always wanted to be able to dye their armor in whatever color they want, I don’t think it’s a good idea so hoped and asumed this was fake. Cause if we get a “dye your armor”, why not just give us “design your own armor”…. Bad idea. But still a good joke.

5. Companion Loyality – Warcraftpets

Your Moonkin Hatchling has run away. You have unlearned Moonkin Hatchling.

So glad this was a joke! I don’t wanna lose my pets, and I don’t have time or whatever to go around an /hug and /kiss all my pets.


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