Tauren, guided by the Earthmother

This week’s Shared Topic on Blog of Azeroth comes from PvE Rogues who ask
What is your favourite race in WoW?
My favorite race has to be the tauren. My first character was a tauren which I chose cause they looked so strong and dangerous, giant cows on two feet with horns and hoofs. I thought they were really scary and evil, but as I played through the first zone I learned that they are not. They are a very friendly kind race who always want to see the good in people, and sometimes ignore what’s bad. That might be why Magatha Grimtotem, who I never trusted, got a spot in Thunder Bluff. When I read about the battle between Cairne and Garrosh and heard that it was all Magatha’s fault cause she poisoned the axe Gorehowl, I was not surprised but angry and disappointed, how could they ever believe she was a good person, and the Grimtotems who tried to take over Thunder Bluff. It’s good we still have Baine, Cairne’s son, he will become a strong and powerful leader for the tauren, he’s alot like his father.
The tauren are also my favorite race because of the rest of the history about them which you can read here, and I like how they move, talk, walk, dances, emotes and all that. And I almost forgot to mention their music! The Mulgore and Thunder Bluff music, so beautiful!
If I had to choose an Alliance race as a favorite, I would not be happy, cause I don’t really like any of them. I’ll always be for the Horde!

3 thoughts on “Tauren, guided by the Earthmother

  1. They are a very friendly kind race who always want to see the good in people, and sometimes ignore what’s bad.

    This is one of the things that I really like about the Tauren, too — this optimism and desire to seek out and build up the things that are good and right in the world.

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