So what’s going on..

I haven’t had much time for blogging since Cataclysm came out. Thought I’d have more time but real life takes up a lot of time and playing of course.

But I’ve still done a lot in game besides leveling up which I wrote a post about and some of the first bosses we took down.

I’ve skilled Archaeology which was really boring, and I gave up before I got any of the level 85 epics, but I’m happy cause I got my Fossiled Raptor mount and pet.

I’ve gained exalted reputation with Hellscream’s Reach which is the Horde faction in Tol Barad and bought the Spectral Wolf mount.

I Stood In Fire and got killed by Deathwing when being semi afk in Tanaris, yes he’s always in Tanaris or Uldum! Did you know he sets water on fire!?

I got Over Nine Thousand achievement points, proud cause I’ve never really tried to get points, so I’m missing a lot of old and easy achievements.

I look really good in Tier 11 but still wish I was a tauren again.

I’ve gained exalted reputation with my guild so I could buy the Dark Phoenix mount which I already made a post about, now I just want the guild to hit level 25 so I can buy the scorpion mount I’ve been drooling at since early Cataclysm beta.

We’ve killed all bosses on normal mode,

and Chimaeron and Halfus on heroic.

And I’ve been leveling a worgen mage on Ravencrest EU with some friends from my guild on Chromaggus EU. Had forgotten all about how hard it can be to be new on a realm with no heirlooms, gold or main to log when getting ganked.

That’s about it.. Now progressing on other heroic bosses, hoping to get down Maloriak, Conclave of Wind and maybe Magmaw and Omnitron soon. Also trying to get together a good guild rated BG group, but it’s harder than I thought, just so tired of pug BGs..


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