Dark Phoenix

After weeks, no, months of grinding I finally got exalted with my guild and bought the Dark Phoenix! The first good looking mount in this expansion if you ask me. It doesn’t look exactly like on the model picture and video we’ve seen, it’s more transparent but it doesn’t look like Ashes of Al’ar either. Same model but still different, which I think is good.

It’s not hard to get exalted, you just have to get max rep every week, and the best way to do it is 25 daily quests every day and some heroics/raids or other high level quests.

Can’t wait for my guild to hit level 25 so I can buy the Kor’kron Annihilator/Scorpion mount! Been wanting that mount since I saw it datamined files and on the beta when it had a different model. How cool is it to have a scorpion mount!? :D


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