Halfus Wyrmbreaker and Omnitron Defense System

We finally killed some bosses this week!  We had some tries on them last week, two days, one day on each boss, but people had just dinged 85 and didn’t have good enough gear to get the boss down before the enrage. Think he enraged at like 25% every time, and we tried with two and three drakes.

But we got a different setup this week. It was Storm Rider, Slate Dragon and Nether Scion. We tried some different tactics which didn’t work us, and with comments like “Ensidia and Paragon does this and that”, but we’re not them! I’ve no idea how they do it, never watched their videos of this boss, so not sure which one who chose, but we found a tactic which worked for us.

We had one tank on the boss, released Storm Rider and Slate Dragon which were tanked by two other tanks. Killed Storm Rider first then Slate Dragon, released Nether Scion and tanked him while we went all out on the boss.

It’s a pretty simple fight once you get a hang of it and manage to keep the tanks up, which was our main problem. And for moonkin or druids in general, you can place your wild mushrooms before the pull, where the drakes and boss are getting tanked, save your innervate for a healer cause they will need it, be fast on your rebirth if a tank dies and doesn’t have soulstone.

We had some problems with the combat resses. I thought it was 3 resses per fight in 25 man, rebirth, ankh or soulstones. But in one fight we had one death but couldn’t ress him.

Omnitron Defense System: At first it looked confusing cause of the four different bosses and their abilities, but it was really simple, spread out, dps the newly activated boss, switch before it reaches 50 energy, don’t stand in poison, kite and kill adds, get away from people if you get Lightning Conductor, stand still and let others move away if you are targeted by Magmatron’s Acquiring Target spell.

I’m a bit ashamed we didn’t kill it the first time we were there, and I shouldn’t really blame anyone but some people kept failing. This week we got it down on the second try, no idea why we did so bad last time.

Here are the logs from our kills: World of Logs.
If you need a guide on how to do these bosses, you should check out tankspot.com.


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