Baradin Hold: Argaloth

Argaloth a pit lord boss in Baradin Hold which is the new Vault of Archavon. It is located in Tol Barad and is accessable to the faction that controls the fortress. Argaloth is the only boss there but I’m sure there will come more bosses in the future patches.

We usually raid Thursdays but didn’t have anything planned since some people just dinged 85 and needed time to get better gear. But we tried to set up a raid of the best geared people to make a 10 man raid good enough to kill Argaloth. The raid we went with looked like this: Two paladin tanks, a holy paladin and holy priest, mage, warrior, rogue, elemental shaman, death knight and me as moonkin.

The tactics were simple: Two groups, one on each side, one tank in each and take one Meteor Slash each then taunt off each other. When he casts Fel Firestorm everyone spread out and avoid the fire, then stack again, do this till he’s dead. It’s a dps race cause his enrage timer is 5 min.

We wiped  like three times cause our dps wasn’t good enough, we had three healers first time but tried with two the next tries and he went down third or fourth time, don’t really remember. Didn’t have timer for enrage but bet we were really close on the kill.


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