The end of WotLK

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Wrath of the Lich King has come to an end and Cataclysm is right around the corner, so I wanted to make a small summary of this expansion, what have I done, accomplished and experienced. As I haven’t had a lot of time for WoW and blogging these days I decided to just make a short post, wish I had time for more but irl is too busy before I can take a break and enjoy Cataclysm.

Super shortened summary thingy of what I did in WotLK:

First I played a warrior and was guildless, then I started a guild with some friends, but it didn’t go well so we disbanded, I found a new and better guild, rerolled moonkin, cleared Naxx and got the Immortal, Ulduar, rushed the bosses, good progress, but then I rerolled alliance on same server to play in my boyfriend’s guild, we cleared hardmodes in Ulduar, got both drakes, ToC, guildrama, almost disband, but we cleared ToC25HC, no Insanity only on 10 man, ICC, progressed fast, opened for heroic mode, enjoyed the heroic mode bosses, cleared up to LK25HC, got kicked for some dumb reason, left the server for  some old friends’ guild on a different server, joined them, same progress, but so much more friendly, love it. Didn’t kill LK25HC, but got him on 10HC, good enough for me, goal accomplished, planning to continue in risen as moonkin, ready for Cataclysm!


  • Raid: Ulduar

  • Quest: Wrathgate Battle for Undercity

  • Zone: Sholazar Basin

  • Boss: The Lich King

  • Music: Invincible
  • Dungeon: Utgarde Pinnacle

  • Mount: Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher

  • Battleground: Isle of Conquest


  • Getting the Immortal achievement after all those weeks of failing, idling in Dalaran with the Immortal  title and our Black Protodrakes.
  • The times I randomly met an Alliance druid named Meatloaf which is now my boyfriend
  • The day Ulduar was released and we explored it for the first time
  • Rerolling alliance and joining the guild my boyfriend was in.
  • Clearing hardmodes in Ulduar for the Glory of the Ulduar raider and the proto drakes.
  • Endless wiping on Anub’arak in ToC25HC, and then I got swapped out for one try, and they killed him, first and only time…
  • Getting Glory of the Icecrown raider and my Icebound frostbrood vanquisher drake
  • Joining risen guild and the awesome guildparty we had


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