Geek is.. BlizzCon.

First of: I’m sorry this post is late, I know it, I got distracted and busy, but I spent a lot of time on it and still want to share my thoughts on BlizzCon 2010. I already did a post on the sound panel.


So I said I looked forward to BlizzCon and maybe they had some kind of big surprise for us, but they didn’t really, maybe a small one, the Cataclysm login screen and Diablo III Demon Hunter. It was enough for me, made me happy and excited.

I’ve always wanted to go to BlizzCon but maybe this year I was happy I was watching it on stream from home, cause I heard all the talk about too long queues, too crowded so people didn’t really enjoy it.

On the latest episode of The Instance “Deathwing is from New York” (nice one Russell), Scott and Randy discuss wether Blizzard should make fewer tickets or move BlizzCon to a different place like Las Vegas convention center. I don’t think they want to make the thing smaller, so fewer tickets, no.. And they sell out in a few second so they could sell a lot more tickets if they had room for all the people. So I hope they will move it some day. And I’m afraid that the year I decide to go, I won’t get a ticket cause they sell out so fast. How the hell do people get tickets!? Luck? Anyone who have been lucky enough to get one in those few seconds? Let me know how.

I watched last years BlizzCon too but don’t remember everything in details, so here are my thoughts on this years BlizzCon.

The opening ceremony: I think Gary Platner is an amazing environment artist and a really funny guy, so it was fun that he started. Then Mike entered and talked a bit about how Blizzard started up, which I think was interesting and then just random stuff about what’s going to happen on BlizzCon, what’s where etc.

And then he told us about how much money they earned on the Pandaren Monk pet and that 1,1 million was going to charity. Crazy that all that money comes from a 10$ pet, so I thought why don’t they do it again with a different pet, and that’s when he said that there will be another charity pet: the Moonkin Hatchling! Yay, finally a moonkin pet! A baby moonkin! Can’t wait to see what it looks like, so gonna buy it! I’ve loved moonkin since the day I first saw them and as my main is a moonkin, I need a moonkin hatchling!

And he also said they’re going to sell some servers where all the money will go to charity. My first thought was who the hell wants to buy Stormscale EU server, we all know it doesn’t work, it has to be the oldest and worst server in the world. Well, could be nice to say that I have it, but it’s not worth all that money, or maybe if like 1000 hamsters are included.

If you watched BlizzCon I guess you remember Chris Metzen’s social experience and the power of words, the power of the word: Geek. What does geek means to us? So he showed us different pictures of what geek is to him. You can watch it here cause it’s a bit hard to explain it all, you just have to see it. For some people this thing he was doing seemed  to be a bit last minute replacement for something else that didn’t work out, maybe, but I think it was a lot of fun and I love Chris Metzen, so I enjoyed it.

I have never played Diablo, just watched others play it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll buy Diablo III and start playing cause it looks amazing and the Demon Hunter is my favorite class. They showed us the first video of it in the opening ceremony, you can find it here.

I’ve always loved the costume and dance contest and was really excited about it after seeing all the pictures on Twitter of different costumes the people there had seen. I think my favorite costume was the Professor Putricide and Rotface(?) and was so disappointed when they didn’t even reach the top 3!

I already said the sound panel was my favorite, but next was the art panel. My dream is, and has been since I was like 10 years, to become a game designer. The only problem is I’m not very good at drawing or anything like that, but I have many ideas in my head, and it’s not just some stupid dream. So I was very excited about the art panel and I love to see how they make different things like the login screen, character seletion screen, instances, ground texture, trees etc. What I found the most interesting was the environment art which Gary Platner told us about. Also loved the video they showed in the start, 15 min long, with music and art they’ve done for Cataclysm. Guess you can find it on YouTube if you missed it.

What I didn’t like about BlizzCon and never do is the Q&A.. What’s up with people always asking the most stupid questions ever, and the same over and over again, and the same people? Like that legendary hunter, or the ‘clysm guy. Some people did actually have good questions, but they were few. And we all know about red shirt guy, yes, that was a good one.

And so many of them don’t have their questions ready when they get to the mic, or they start to tell us about their guild or if they’re recruiting or not, why should I care?

What I missed was the thing most people were really excited about, the concert with Tenacious D. Yes, I know.. I fell asleep, it was like early morning here, I had been up for so long and I just couldn’t stay awake for one more hour.

I hope I can attend BlizzCon someday, hopefully next year, I say that every year, but thing is you have to plan ahead if you’re going to America and it’s such a long flight, so I wanna spend more than just those two days there. And the tickets sell out so fast, I might not get one..


4 thoughts on “Geek is.. BlizzCon.

  1. I asked a question at Blizzcon in like 2008. When you get up to the mic and you are face-to-face with a group of developers, with like thousands of people judging your every word, it’s a little stressful. I think I wrote my question down in advance, so I could read it if I blanked out at the microphone, lol.

  2. I have to agree with you on the costume competition. The only one among the finalists deserving a spot was Illidan Stormrage. But I missed Putri and the mage with the sheep (Troll rogue). Plus one of the spirit ressers was awesome.

    1. Yes, the Illidan costume was good but he didn’t win :S I think some of the costumes are a bit outdated, and some will only be good for a year, if you get what I mean :P ICC was now, so the Putricide and Rotface costume might only be good this year.. Next year we will have Cataclysm costumes and more Diablo III Demon Hunters :P

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