I’m still waiting

I haven’t spent much time in WoW lately, or much time blogging cause I’ve been busy with my life and not much happens in WoW now. We’re just waiting for Cataclysm. Of course I log on sometimes to do the elemental invasion event, I even read all the quests and the story is very interesting, but it doesn’t take that long to complete a few quests, kill some elementals and the bosses.

We haven’t stopped raiding, but we never have enough people to do LK25HC so it’s not very fun. Most of my guildies spend their time online griding rep with some faction to get the Insane or Exalted, or farming mounts or whatever. I could do that but I just can’t get myself to do it, so I guess it’s not that important to me. I did start a new alt and level it to 40, but haven’t played it for some days now.

I’ve had enough to do in my life also. Got another Maine Coon cat, a friend for Bonita, his name is Captain Morgan and just turned 21 yey had a great birthday celebration with some friends from Norway. And I have a confession: I bought Aion after getting a demo key from a friend, so spent some time in that world. It’s really different from WoW, much harder, not as fun as WoW… but it looks good and the classes are fun.

But I do look forward to Cataclysm. Can’t wait to level up in the new zones, new instances, make a goblin or racechange my alts, new raids, rated battlegrounds! I haven’t tested any of the raids on the beta, I wanted to, but didn’t get a premade before very late and haven’t found a raid to join, but it’s ok cause now I have something I don’t know anything about to look forward to.

I do feel bad sometimes when I don’t blog about anything interesting for so long, but does anyone really care, wonder if anyone will ever read this, so I’ll just write something when there is something to write about, right. Just had to tell you, whoever reads, this. Sorry for not having anything more exciting to tell.


4 thoughts on “I’m still waiting

  1. LoL I am in the same boat of having too much real life stuff going on and sadly not a lot of WoW stuff going on. I am sick of waiting for the expansion and want it here already. At least with the next patch we’ll get to start on new class/race combos so I can start on my gnome priest!

    1. Ye, real life is sooo busy! And Christmas soon! Time goes tooo fast! Haha, I gonna race change my paladin to tauren when possible :D But about time gnomes get a healer!

  2. i like ur blog…and im glad that currently nothing is on wow… novembers are full of important rl things to do… cata starts at the 8 dec. we´r lucky all off my friends could start on thins date cause some of them have to do their army duty…that shucks :S

    im looking forward to your posts at cataclysm =)

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