World of Warcraft Secrets: Zul’Gurub in Karazhan

I’ve known about this place for years but never been there, always wanted to go there and see for myself what I till then just had seen on videos on YouTube. I have tried to get there before, but then I didn’t have a blood elf, only taurens, and taurens are too big to get up there.

So sadly I couldn’t get there on Syrco. But I cleared Karazhan with my boyfriend and after I logged my priest alt Gresskar which is a blood elf. A priest is a good class to use cause of Levitate and Body and Soul talent. It took me a few tries to get up there in the window. You have to climb the right bookshelf, then jump over. Just have to time the shield, run, jump and Levitate. Fairly easy. And then just jump out and Levitate down. I guess this works in other ways too like rocket boots, slowfall effects etc.

So this place in Karazhan is a small village in Zul’Gurub style. There are no NPCs or anything, just the small houses, ruins and plants. Still I’m very excited about places like this, test areas or what they are (couldn’t find any info about it on Wowiki or similar websites).

When you enter an instance portal and then jump out of the instance, sometimes you just get ported back out like a portal, but other times you get out to a different but sometimes parallel world. I’ve tried it many times, different instances, doesn’t always work, but so fun when you discover something. My favorite jump-out-of-the-instance-place so far is Battle for Mount Hyjal. You can get to Felwood and Winterspring. Old YouTube screenshot slideshow of it here.

If you want to read more about secrets and hidden places in WoW, be sure to check out my other adventures and secrets I’ve explored. And if you know about any other secrets in WoW I’d love to hear about them!

2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Secrets: Zul’Gurub in Karazhan

  1. That looks awesome, I’ve never been there – or any of the other places probably. Only been to old Ironforge – and that’s not nearly as exciting!

    1. Old Ironforge is small but I still like it, been there a few times. Fun that places like Old Ironforge are hidden under the ground or behind locked doors, wonder if there are any other places out there I don’t have seen yet..

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