Moonkin Hatchling


The Moonkin Hatchling is a new mini pet which was found in the beta game files and everyone got really excited about it and the questions were: Where do we get this pet? What does it look like?

Mike Morhaime announced at yesterdays BlizzCon opening ceremony that the Moonkin Hatchling will be available for sale from the Blizzard Store in November. It will be a charity pet like the Pandaren Monk where 1.1 million dollar was donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We don’t know what it looks like yet, but a baby moonkin, what can be cuter? Maybe it will do the dance? Or say “hoot hoot!”. I’m sure this will sell for more than the Pandaren Monk and hope they donate the money to someone who really needs it.

November 9. Blizzard posted a pet store sneak peek with screenshots of the Moonkin Hatchling, looks like alliance get one version and horde another. And looks like they can fly, or…?


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