BlizzCon talk everywhere, guess who’s jealous..

Tonight is BlizzCon and I’m not there. I wish I was, I’ve been wanting to go there for years. Always saying I gonna save up money so I can go next year but it’s hard without a job and I’m not rich, and it can be expensive to travel from Denmark to America. And I think that if I first have to travel that far I wanna see more than BlizzCon, wanna be there as long as I can, see the whole city, maybe more. I’ve never been to America, but it’s the dream to move there one day. Again I will try to save up money so I can go next year, so if anyone know how or where to get a cheap plane ticket from like NY to LA, let me know.

So I’ll be watching the stream from home, as last year, together with my boyfriend and a friend of us is coming over, as last year. Guess it will be nice, good food and drink, can’t wait to see if Blizzard has any surprises for us, and I love the costume, dance and song contests. When I go there I want a moonkin or tauren costume, cause I love moonkin and I love tauren. Also looking forward to the art and sound panel! I love the artists, they are like my idols, and the WoW music is the best game music ever!

Last years BlizzCon was awesome cause of Cataclysm, I was soooo excited and up in the skies happy. Guess I have high expectations for this years, hope I don’t get disappointed now since they already released the cinematic and we know almost everything about Cataclysm.

I guess they’ll be talking a lot about Diablo 3 cause that’s the next big thing, to be honest I’ve never really played it but it looks interesting so I might start, so I won’t be disappointed if they show us something amazing from Diablo 3.

So just some thoughts on BlizzCon I had to share. What are you looking forward to, and are you there or watching it on stream or direct TV?


2 thoughts on “BlizzCon talk everywhere, guess who’s jealous..

  1. I’m watching it on the stream like last year and I’m liveblogging it as well. Should be a lot of fun, especially since they revamped the live stream this time (on-Demand watching, switching stages, etc).

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