New Starsurge graphic again and again!

Starsurge got yet another new graphic in beta build 13117 September 30th. So I had to make a new video of it, again! This is the 4th.

I’m very happy with this new graphic cause it’s gigantic and blue, I think it looks like a blue signal flare, and I love it! Hope they’ll keep this one.

The first one was green and looked like a bogger, who think green when they think of Starsurge? I think blue/white, maybe because Starsurge sounds like an arcane spell, but it does spellstorm damage which count as both arcane and nature damage. The second one was blue/white but very small, third was more electric still blue/white and small, I liked this one, I never thought they would change it again.

Here are the old ones so you can see what it looked like before.




Only one thing to say…..



3 thoughts on “New Starsurge graphic again and again!

  1. Yeah, the blue looks a lot better. The green doesn’t make me think of stars at all, probably because Starfall and Starfire aren’t green either.

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