My Scandinavian guild – risen

Scandinavia – almost like one country
Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe consisting of Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and sometimes also Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

But we only have members from Norway, Sweden and Denmark and it’s required that you understand the languages of those three countries, and the languages of Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are not understandable by the other Scandinavians. Might be the reason we don’t have any members from those countries.

The Norwegian, Swedish and Danish languages are very similar, almost like dialects of the same language, that’s why it’s so easy for us to understand each other. Our countries are very similar in other ways too, like our culture and social norms.

I have been in three international guilds before with members from all of Scandinavia to India, Greece, Russia, Turkey and France. Most people had very good English, but our culture and social norms were sometimes very different and could cause problems.

I think it is fun to learn about other countries and get to know people with different cultures, but it is often difficult to get close to them because they usually just stay together with people from their own country.

Why a Scandinavian guild?
Risen is my first Scandinavian guild and the only one I know about. They were first known as Ash on Stormscale EU but reformed in Wrath of the Lich King as risen. I remember I first heard about them in the Burning Crusade when I started, they were one of the top guilds on Stormscale and as I leveled up I had a dream about joining them one day.

I remember I checked their website when I dinged 70 and were progressing through Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. Gear and experience were the requirements, I had nothing, so I didn’t apply. But like 9 months later I had gotten to know a few of their members and joined them as social, left when they reformed to risen cause I had never applied, but joined back later as social again, then they migrated away and so did I to another guild, and now this summer I finally applied and joined them as a raider.

Most of our members are Swedish, but there are many Norwegians too, and only one Dane. I think we all go very well together, we understand each other, and we have similar humor, culture and social norms. It’s not like we’re from different countries at all. I love it because it’s so easy to just be myself and I can speak my own language and it’s so much easier to be social.

Another positive thing about being in a Scandinavian guild is that our countries are so close, it’s not too expensive to travel and you don’t need a visa to move or travel between the countries, so we can arrange guild meetings which most of our members can attend.

Our guild meeting
We had one this weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. I think I paid about 700 NOK for plane tickets there and back. The expensive was the train from the airport to the city, the taxi and the drinks. But it was worth it.

I don’t remember how many people we were, but about 25, most current members, some old ones who quitted or went inactive and social members. I had only met a few of them before, and some of them I had no idea who were even when they told me their nick. But I they were all very friendly and social and I think I made some new friends, or I hope so.

All the Norwegians, some Swedes and the only Dane lived at the same place, our GM’s apartment. The rest of the Swedes lived with two other Swedes somewhere else in the city. But they were all at our place Friday. We had some drinks, beer and Whiskey, then down to the local bar to get some food and more to drink.  The food was good, the beer was good and the mood was good. We went back to the apartment and drank more, but people left early, around 02:00, think some were really tired after hours of travelling.  But it was one of the best parties I’ve ever been at, not that it was much, but what’s better than good friends, good mood, good music and a lot to drink?

Next day we went out to get breakfast, at Burger King, then back to the apartment to relax for some hours before we went to get dinner at a restaurant, oh that food was so good! Then bowling with 40k gold prize to the winner, GZ Gwull! Then we were off to the bar, finally! This was a place called Strand somewhere in Stockholm. 100 SEK entry, awful band playing and expensive drinks. The drinks were good but they didn’t know what “isbjørn” (polar bear), the drink, was. Had to explain the recipe then I got it, but it wasn’t blue. At first the night looked boring, but I hadn’t had much to drink, and some people were sitting around in the sofas almost sleeping, but some drinks woke them up. The night ended good, successful Saturday.

Didn’t get to say good-bye to everyone because some of them didn’t join us at the bar, some left early Sunday and some I don’t know where went.  But the most important one did get a nice good-bye.

Wish it had lasted longer, wish we had a one week guild meeting, a weekend is too short, and twice a year is not often enough. It might be weird because I haven’t known most of these guys for more than a few months, but I love them and I had a great weekend. Thanks Spix for hosting. Big love <3


8 thoughts on “My Scandinavian guild – risen

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun :) I keep wanting to have a guild meeting, but since we’re an international guild it’s of course a lot more difficult.

  2. I have to say, the Scandinavians I have had the pleasure of playing with have all been very friendly people, amazing players, and completely hilarious :) They were also kind of quick to get mad about stuff, but maybe that’s just a couple of individuals ;)

  3. Oh! A guild meeting must be nifty indeed! I belong to a US realm so people in my guild are quite spread out (though quite a few of them live close together so they go out and have fun). I wish we could have a guild meeting.

    Grats to you and awesome blog =)

    1. Thanks :) You should try to arrange one, maybe in a holiday. I don’t know how far it is to travel if people are spread across the whole US. We spent alot of money on our guild meeting weekend, I used like 685 USD, but heard other used the double. Expensive :P But so worth it, had the best weekend ever.

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