The Stonecore

The Stonecore is a level 82-84 instance located in Deepholm.

I joined Stonecore through the dungeon finder tool. And the group was me as balance druid, a resto druid, protection paladin, warlock and mage. Only the resto druid had been there before, but he explained the trash and bosses. When we entered the instance everyone had problems with freeze lag, so we stood there and waited for it to be gone for like 10 minutes. People had to relog, restart the game etc.

Here is my video from the run, it’s in two parts, watch in HD for better quality. I know it looks small but couldn’t get it uploaded to YouTube in larger cause then I would loose the HD quality, but maybe I’ll put it up on Filefront or something.

– What kind of gear did your group use? What item level, where the gear came from, etc.

Everyone had ICC25/10 HC and some greens/blues from Cataclysm quests/instances.

– What level were you and your party members for the dungeon run in question?

83 balance druid, 83 protection paladin, 85 mage, 82 warlock, 84 resto druid.

– How long were the boss fights?

Corborus: About 3 min. Slabhide: 2 min. Ozruk: 2 1/2 min. High Priestess Azil 3 min.

– Was there trash that felt obnoxious? unfair? took forever to kill?

The trash was ok.

– Were crowd control mechanics used for trash pulls? If not, how was tank damage?

We had to poly and use succubus on many trash pulls.

– What’s healing feel like?

Our healer was good and his mana seemed fine.

– Did anyone run out of mana?

I did run out of mana after a few trash packs, and on the final boss I was oom when it was 1 min left of the fight, used Innervate and pot. Not sure if the mage and warlock had mana problems. The healer was low some times.

– Were there mechanics in the dungeon that were unclear?

No, our healer had been there before and explained everything.

– How many times did the party wipe? Where did the wipes occur?

We wiped on the trash when we forgot to CC the earth shapers, once on the first boss cause the tank died, and once on final boss cause of many adds and tank died.

– Bug:

On like the 3rd trash pull in the start we dpsed Millhouse Manastorm till he ran down to where the first boss is an a lot of adds spawned, four earth shapers and some warbringers, and we already had four adds left to kill, two were CCed. Of course we wiped. Went back in and they were gone.

– Balance druid in Stonecore:

I did have mana problems on the trash and bosses, I used my Innervate on every CD and popped a mana pot when Innervate was on CD and I was oom.

I think my spells are too expensive, they cost so much mana, or my regen just sucks. I was careful with spending my mana, so I didn’t use Moonfire and Hurricane. I didn’t have any mana talents, but with this experience I might get 3/3 Furor earlier and Moonglow.

I really miss the old regen, but I know it was too overpowered because we never went oom. But it feels like Innervate is too weak, I don’t know how mages Evocation works but I the mage in the group didn’t seem to have any mana problems.

I had a lot of water with me, but it takes a while to drink up 44000 mana.

Besides that my damage was fine, I had Recount damage meter installed to check my damage. We were three casters and did about the same damage, at least on single target.

– Design, quests, music etc:

I think the Stonecore was a fun instance, it’s the third Cataclysm instance I have been to and this had the most fun bosses. I don’t usually like this dark, stone cave instances, but this looked different. The bosses were different and not just tank and spank. The trash also had some new abilities which are good.

I didn’t have any quests for the instance, if there are any, but I really wonder what Millhouse Manastorm is doing there, so can’t wait to find out more about it.

Also there was no music in the instance, looking forward to hear it, I think the Deepholm music is really good.

Overall I had a lot of fun in Stonecore and it’s absolutely a great instance.


2 thoughts on “The Stonecore

  1. Very nice! I made a premade 85 Disc Priest and somehow I ended up healing the Stonecore…it did not end well for us lol. I cant wait for my shaman to get to 82ish so he can try healing that instance and maybe I’ll have a better time. The first boss was definitely a fun fight and CC is king! Looking forward to more dungeon videos. =D

  2. I’ll make a premade druid when possible and check if it’s different, cause my druid has level 80 ICC25HC gear and some greens/blues from quests, but as not all quests or instances give loot it’s hard to get better gear. Can’t queue for the lower level Cata dungeons :S

    I was going to make a video from The Vortex Pinnacle but every group I have joined has DCed or wiped and people left :(

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