Twilight Highlands – the Horde and the Dragonmaw

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The quests for Twilight Highlands start at Garrosh Hellscream in Orgrimmar.

You have to find out why it’s taking so long to build his fleet to invade the Twilight Highlands. It’s all the goblins fault, but at last they get it done and you’ll join them on their zeppelin to Twilight Highlands.

On the way there you get attacked by Twilight drakes and Garrosh’s zeppelin gets destroyed, and then the zeppelin you’re on goes down aswell. You have to jump out in a parachute and you get back to the remains of the fleet and they tell you that Garrosh is nowhere to be found, and they still have to follow his plan, so you get a quest to help them negotiate with the Dragonmaw’s warchief Mor’ghor. It doesn’t go well but you survive and get rescued Zaela.

The Horde have a new plan to attack the Dragonmaw so you can slip in and get help from Zaela and the medicine man cause the Horde warriors are dying and need help. You get in and return with bandages soaked in dragon blood, it will make them recover fast but the dragon allies wouldn’t be happy if they knew.

Then you have to kill Dragonmaw enforcers and warlocks with help from other Dragonmaws. But the Dragonmaw warchief Mor’ghor has to die, and you have to kill him. After that the Dragonmaw joins the Horde and Zaela becomes the new leader of the Dragonmaw.


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