Cataclysm beta testing

I got into the Cataclysm alpha in May and started testing in Mount Hyjal. But many of the quests and areas were so bugged that you got stuck all the time and couldn’t continue on the quests. So I spent more time to check out the new areas, old zone changes and leveling worgen and goblin. I went back to Mount Hyjal and completed that zone just before the closed beta started June 30 2010.

A lot changed when the beta started, things look so much more completed and there are less bugs. It’s playable now.  But it still happens that I get stuck on dismounted in the air.

I have also been in Twilight Highlands after I read on a forum how to get in even tho the zone wasn’t open for testing. I just couldn’t wait, cause it was so easy to get in there and I had to see it. Can’t wait to do the quests there, so excited about the Dragonmaw and what story lies behind the tentacles and captured dragons.

There was a beta patch today and a new launcher was also released, it allows you to stream game data while you play. The level cap is now 85, and Twilight Highlands and Uldum open for testing. But the servers aren’t online yet, so I have to wait. I’m not high enough level to go there yet anyway, only 82, soon 83. I have to level up fast now to be able to test all the new zones and the new instances they opened.

My plan now is to go to Deepholm as soon as the servers are up, queue for some instances maybe. Will take plenty of screenshots and maybe fraps some videos on my way.


2 thoughts on “Cataclysm beta testing

  1. I’ve been crashing too much in Beta to be able to do much of anything so far. Hopefully it will get better after the new patch today. I haven’t been able to download it yet though since I’m still at work, but hopefully tonight I can get some testing done (providing it doesn’t crash every 30 seconds!)

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