Exploring Uldum

The zone I’ve been looking forward to the most is Uldum. I remember when I started to play WoW and explored Tanaris I saw the Uldum gate and tried to find out what was behind it.
Of course it was nothing cause it wasn’t open. But I read all the story about it I could find on the net and when I heard they’ll open it in Cataclysm I was like “yey finally” so I have seen a lot of screenshots and videos from there, but now I wanted to go there myself and explore it.
It’s not a small zone so it took a while to fly around there,and I died sometimes cause I got dismounted and then you get to the Northernd Barrens graveyard and couldn’t be arsed to run down, so ressed there and flew down again. Expensive over 100 g in repairs…

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