Will the Dragonmaw clan rejoin the Horde?

I was flying around in the new zone Twilight Highlands when I saw a small fort with houses with roof made of black dragon scales and two poles with dragon heads on. There were also Horde banners there, so I thought it was the Horde base and landed to pick up the flight path and repair my gear. But then I saw the NPCs were yellow and it was members of the Dragonmaw clan, I thought they were enemies. I could talk to some of them but I couldn’t get the flight path or repair. They told me different things and I knew that they will be a new faction and part of the Horde cause of the banners and what they said. I guess it will be a long quest chain where we’ll get the whole history.

The Dragonmaw clan on Wowwiki

Ornak, Orgrimmar:
Negotiations aren’t going well, Syrcorax. The Dragonmaw are not yet free orcs.
Somehow, we MUST get them to join the Horde!
Let me know if you need transport back to the fleet.
Dragonmaw Fel Enforcer:
Warchief Mor’ghor runs the show here. Don’t forget it!
The fury! The power! I have never felt so strong in all my life.
Soon. ALL the Dragonmaw will feel as I do.

Go ahead, tauren. Give me an excuse.
Gorthul, Dragonmaw Flight Master:
I can’t help you, druid. Warchief Mor’ghor would have me executed
if I allowed the Horde to use one of our wind riders.
Some day he’ll get what’s coming to him…
Dragonmaw Blacksmith:
I have nothing I’m allowed to sell to you.

My goods aren’t for sale to the Horde. Don’t like it? Take it up with the Warchief!
Warchief Mor’ghor ordered us not to do buisness with the Horde.
<The merchant spits on the ground, infuriated, but refuses to speak
any more on the subject.>
Go away, I don’t want the Warchief to find out I’ve been talking to
the Horde.

Gregor, Dragonmaw Medicine Man:
We Dragonmaw have seen so much suffreing…
our defeat at Grim Batol… the loss of so many great warriors
in Outland… and now incursions from Twilight’s Hammer.
I sometimes wonder if we will ever be great again. But
younglings like Zaela, they give this old heap of bones some hope.
If you want to know more about the Dragonmaw and the Horde in Cataclysm, read the post and watch the video of the quest chain I did here. Spoilers!

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