Goblin dances and emotes

So I was on the beta yesterday and decided to make some goblins to check out their dances and emotes, cause I haven’t seen them before on Youtube or other pages. I know they’ve been posted but I wanted to see them for myself. Frapsed some small videos to share here and on my Youtube channel.

The female goblin dance is from Beyonce – Single Ladies and male goblin from Soulja Boy – Crank That. I think the male goblin dance and emotes are my favorite cause it looks funny, strange but still kinda cute, if I can say that. I also find the looks of goblins not attractive but.. eh, I can’t find the word, funny..? So maybe I’ll race change some of my characters when possible.

I appreciate your feedback and comments


4 thoughts on “Goblin dances and emotes

  1. I’m looking foreward to all the goblin toys and fun stuff^^ Even though worgen is cooler looking, we are more lucky to have gotten goblins^^

    1. Ye, I like the worgens. The plan was to race change to worgen when possible cause I played alliance, but faction changed some weeks ago. My main is druid, so it’s tauren or troll.

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