Too fat for my new mount

The Depleted-Kyparium Rocket is finally mine! My boyfriend crafted us this mount today and it looks awesome!


I’m surprised my fat butt fits into it, actually I’m not sure if it does, because it kinda looks like I’m just sitting on top of it. I know most people use their hands to steer the mount, but not me, I fly around with my arms crossed!


This is how it looks without moonkin form.


There are many mounts in-game which look like they weren’t made for moonkin, but I think most of them look funny with a moonkin on/in. So you’ll definitely see me racing around in this now!

Moonkin stuck in the snow

In August I heard rumors about a moonkin stuck in the snow in the scenario Blood in the Snow, so I thought “What’s that about, how come I haven’t seen it before” because I had completed that scenario so many times. So I entered and went looking. I finally found him. No wonder I haven’t seen him before because you won’t run into him unless you jump down from the cliff.

He’s stuck in the snow with his head first, legs constantly kicking the air, and if you go close enough he’ll try to hit you. Poor guy, wonder how he get stuck and who he is.


No update to the Moonkin Form

It started in Wrath of the Lich King and patch 3.2 when Blizzard announced the new Cat and Bear Form. I assumed Moonkin Form would be up next together with Travel Form and Aquatic Form. Cataclysm was announced and we were told that trolls could be druids and I immediately thought of Moonkin Form update again, but Cataclysm was released and we only got a new Flight Form for worgen and troll druids. Again I assumed Moonkin Form would be next.

Time went on and Mists of Pandaria was released together with new Travel Form and Aquatic Form. But what about Moonkin Form? We got a glyph. A glyph which makes us able to look like we’re out of form when we actually are in Moonkin Form. Do they think that the glyph is what they gave to us and that we’re happy with it? I wonder if they really think that it’s right to update everything except the Moonkin Form, why not complete all the druid forms and be done with it? I’ve been a Moonkin since the day my first druid hit level 40 and was able to put a talent point in Moonkin Form. Back then it was adorable and funny, and it kind of still is, but I wish it looked less pixelated now when everything else looks so smooth and beautiful.

Now they’re updating all the original race models, which is also about time. Even the Draenei and Blood Elf. But what’s left after that? Moonkin Form.

This weekend at BlizzCon I hoped someone would ask about it in the Q & A, but none did, so I tweeted my question to Kat Hunter Metzen and I was happy to get an answer even if it wasn’t the answer I had hoped for.

Oh, man, we have given a lot of love to druids over time
with their different forms, so the moonkin will have to wait
a little bit longer

I guess they will update it some time in the future, if not in Warlords of Draenor, then maybe the next one, or the one after that, I won’t hold my breath.

Flying laser moonkin


This shared topic is a few weeks old and was suggested by Effraeti

We all have our favorite classes, and sometimes, even with our favorites we wish they had just a little something more. Like another skill that would be super cool and perfect to our class. Like for my Shaman, I think I should have more elementals.
If you could have another skill or two for your class, what would it be?

I’ve seen people call balance druids many different things. Moonkin, boomkin, oomkin, doomkin, owl, laserowl, lazerchicken, chicken, bird etc. We’re feather coated with wing-like arms, but our body is big and heavy, and the wings are too small and weak to lift us. But we do actually have wings right? We should be able to fly! We might not be able to fly were long distances so I wouldn’t want moonkin form to be our flight form. I’m thinking more like levitate and slow fall. A spell which makes us able to fly or jump a short distance and slow fall. I know we don’t really need a slow fall to reduce fall damage cause we already got feline swiftness which you can glyph to work in all forms. And I know we got something similar, Wild Charge outside of forms. But it’s not exactly what I’m thinking and what I’d want.

Imagine like a mix of a heroic leap, slow fall and Wild Charge. A spell you can use to flap your wings and fly a few yards forwards so it looks like you’re actually flying a bit up and forwards like a chicken would do. You can also use it when jumping off a cliff to fly further or reduce fall damage. I know we don’t have the need for it now, but this has been an idea since I started playing a moonkin in TBC, and I’m very happy with what we’ve got right now.

There is another thing I wish we had. I know it won’t happen, cause it would just be way too sick, insane and too funny. It has just always been a funny thought and a thing people playing moonkin have said they wish they had. Lasers! I’ve no idea why people are calling moonkin laserowl/chicken etc, cause none of our spells look like lasers. I’ve always joked about it, moonkin with laser shooting out of their eyes, like the Beamos mobs from Zelda Ocarina of Time or the laser shooting statues in Zelda the Wind Waker. Those mobs were always a bit frightening cause I was afraid of getting hit by them and they made this unique sound when they shot at you. I imagine a moonkin with a laser like that, I know it might sound very silly, but it would have been kinda cool.

My first weeks in Pandaria

We were already online at 00:00 and created our monks and were ready to start leveling when suddenly….

Not surprised as Kazzak is a high populated server and with everyone logging in at the same time and begin on the same place it would be a miracle if the server didn’t go down once, twice or maybe ten times, how many was it again?

But we finally got to level our monks.

It was a lot of fun cause all you need is…

Spinning Crane Kick!

At 85 I switched to my druid and we did some quests in Pandaria, some of them were weird like when we had to throw monkey poop on jinyus

Others were exciting like this one

and some led us to monsters who maybe were a bit too excited to see me

I got to travel by boat through a cave up in the mountains

I got a new mount, this is actually a yak in a quest, but I bought the yak mount later

I learned surfing

I managed to get a target board on my head

and I got a new nick name: Syrco Poppins

I’ve seen a lot of skeletons

But also a few dead bosses

I’ve also waited for hopeless bosses

Ridden a shark

Got a new friend who’s growing

Got trapped behind a wall in Guo-Lai Halls

and beaten up by a plant

But it has pretty much been some very exciting and fun first weeks in Pandaria.