Hi and welcome to my blog!

This blog was created in July 2010 because I wanted to keep track of all moonkin updates, screenshots and videos from live and beta. I also wanted a place to write down my thoughts and opinions, share my experience and ideas with others. My first character was a tauren warrior on Stormscale which was my main till Ulduar when I rerolled my balance druid alt.

My characters

  • Syrco: Balance druid. My main character since Ulduar.
  • Tojo: Resto shaman.
  • Syrcorax: Fury/Arms warrior. First character and main in TBC and the start of WotLK.

Contact me

Feedback and comments are always welcome, so please send me a message with your thoughts.
Contact me in-game, on MMO-Champion (Syrco), Twitter (Syrcorax) or e-mail.

Thanks to

Serendia for the amazing background and header


Thanks for visiting!

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